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Written in the Stars

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I got the most insightful card reading from Juanita at Life @ 108 this week. Since it’s personal, I’ll only share a piece that I really loved and think can also help you on your path.

My cards primarily gravitated around ‘Creativity.’ She perceived (correctly) that my soul has been aching for a more creative existence, but I am bound by never ending to-do lists and the guilt of selfishness by making it a priority. Instead of letting each moment be, I have been meticulously trying to manipulate every second in my life and missing out on what’s truly beautiful.

Juanita: “You don’t need to settle for a colorless existence. You are allowed to have fun and have joy. In fact, by savoring more things, you will encourage others to find their own pleasures - and teach them that you are allowed to enjoy them without guilt or shame.”


I realized - not so long ago - that I didn’t recognize myself in my life. I had melded so much to what others wanted of me that there was no piece of my original self left. The feeling left me hollow. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anybody. “This is my life,” I thought dismally.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We choose every day how we will live and what we will make of our circumstances. Today choose happiness and authenticity.

I threw out my to-do list for this week, and it was the most satisfying thing I’ve done in a while.

Here’s a picture of me in comfy clothes taking a picture of myself in the beautiful evening air. Just because. Not stylish? I don’t care. I did what made me happy at the moment, and if I can get one person to live truthfully then this post has done its part.

Below I have linked Juanita’s site for any who want their own readings from a very sweet, intuitive soul. ❤️

cute little heart,

MA ❤️

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