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Plot Twist: Women Stole Men's Fashion

Men's vogue in 2020-2021 mirrors modern women's clothing. Plot twist! Modern women's clothing mirrors men's trends from merely 100 years ago.

(LOUIS XIV, 1701

Clothing has been socially determined for centuries. The people of the time get to determine what is appropriate for men and women to wear.

Why can't we, as a people, determine a more inclusive dressing style? Today it is acceptable, and considered progressive, for women to wear "masculine" clothes, but it's still "culturally inappropriate" in Western society for men to wear skirts and dresses. Why the double standard?

(Mildred Grimes is my Great Grandmother!)

Kings wore frills and ruffles to exert their authority; men today should be allowed that same privilege.

What are your thoughts? Comment below to continue this discussion!

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