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Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Supes proud of myself, a few weeks ago I sat my ass down on my princess vanity chair and watched videos about how to do the fishtail braid until I got it. The main piece of advice I can give to anyone wanting to master this elusive hairstyle is MUSCLE MEMORY. Braid your damn hair until you instinctually go through the motions. It will be awkward at first, but don't give up. Kid you not, I was in a sweat and my arms were burning but DAMN did I look adorable.

(If you want to skip the written instructions, the video is posted below. 👇)

  1. For the section of hair you want to braid, separate the hair evenly with one half in each hand.

  2. Take a small section of hair from the outermost part farthest away from middle and cross it OVER that section of hair and into the other, at the center. Hold it now with that hand, keeping your grip on the hair pulled firmly so it’s not too loose. (I like to start with the back section.)

  3. Now take a small section from the outermost part of the OTHER hair section and cross it over switching from one hand to the other at part.

  4. Continue until you have no more hair. 👩‍🦲

  5. Tip: If you are only doing a fishtail braid for a half-do, you may need to borrow your outermost strands from the sections around the braid, similarly to a French Braid. Be mindful of where you are borrowing from, as that is often what defines the shape and direction of your braid.

  6. Gently fluff hair at scalp and pull apart braids if you want a more casual look or if the braids look too tight and dorky.

  7. Rejoice! For you will be the envy of all women today. (“OMG! Is that fishtail braid? I could, like, never figure out how to do it!” Sucker, you’ll say to yourself. It was really pretty easy! Peon.) 💁‍♀️👸

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