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By Design, a Different Way to Celebrate

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse at this point when I start my blog posts with, “You and I both know how much quarantine sucks, but...”. Well, you and I both know how hard it has been this year to come up with new and exciting activities during the pandemic - especially difficult with little ones. My kids, Aunt Mellie, and I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a little differently this year - and it was way better than I’d hoped. Check it.

I am fortunate enough at the moment to have a nanny who is also a loving aunt (s/o!!), so Melissa was all on board with imagining a little St. Patrick’s Day party for the kids while I was working. She came back to the house with bags and bags of goodies and decorations, and I knew the kids were going to be so excited about the surprise that we had for them.

Cookies by Design had very thoughtfully sent me an amazing St. Paddy’s Day cookie decorating kit so we could make our own BouTray™ of cookies to celebrate the holiday together!

If you haven’t heard of Cookies by Design yet, you should definitely check them out. They have anytime sets and kits for every occasion. The kids loved it, and the frosted cookies were fresh and delicious. How’d we do??

We decorated many more not pictured, thanks to greedy little eaters and balloon baskets that wouldn’t cooperate.

Melissa and I set up the party picnic-style in the side yard while the children finished reading. Everything was decorated rainbow, gold, and green; the Cookies by Design box was carefully laid out in the middle of the spread. I steeled myself for what was about to happen.

Let’s just say that typically cookie decorating with children is panic-inducing. Adorably panic-inducing, but a nightmare all the same. I was ready for that kind of experience but was pleasantly surprised.

Other than the fights over the frosting and aggressive balloon-popping here and there, the packaged set made the event memorable (in a GOOD way). The cookies were already made and individually wrapped. There was PLENTY of frosting and color options so that each kid was busy designing, and the clean-up was a complete breeze. MOM WIN!

You know me, right? I love my kids wholeheartedly, but I am not an event-planning mom. I’m more of a snuggle and play video games kind of mom? But this was so rewarding. Not only were the kids able to be out in the fresh spring air, but they were also able to tap into their creativity in a way that doesn’t stress parents out (looking at you, walls).

As we were finishing up, I heard a little neighbor girl exclaim to her mom, “Look! They’re having a birthday party!” And I thought, hehe good thing we‘re in quarantine or else I would feel obliged to invite you over. KIDDING.



But we really did have a great time and it was soo worth it.

Want to decorate your own bouquet of cookies for St. Paddy’s, Easter, or just ‘cuz? Check out Cookies by Design here 👉 and write about your experience here.👇

Can’t wait to hear all about your own experiences!

Cute little heart,

MA <3

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